Oct 3, 2008


We had a meeting today with a specialist for hearing disorders and the parents of a student who who has auditory processing, language processing and visual disorders. We spent an hour collaborating with this woman on ways to help this child succeed, not just in school but in life. We asked her to come in to help us. We, his teachers, with his parents are fighting to get him on an IEP or a 504.

As she was leaving she told each of us how wonderful we were, how receptive we were. She said that in most schools she is being pushed out before she even opens her mouth.

I don't get that.

I mean, yes, there is some more work involved here. Especially because he is adament that nothing is wrong. Can you think of a single teenager who wants to be singled out like that? But together we were able to come up with strategies that will help him maintain his dignity and function better. We hope that what was taking him three hours can be limited to half an hour at home. We hope a lot of things. Right now, we don't know because we haven't tried any of these strategies.

But I really don't get not wanting to know how to help a kid like this because there is more work involved for you. I mean, aren't we here to help each of our students?

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