Sep 28, 2008

Thank God for the peacemakers

I got myself in a jam in a story the other day. The story was going great, I had control of it. And then suddenly I did not. I let the kids wrest it away from me.

It all started when a student didn't want to go to school, so she played hooky and walked down to a nearby gas station where she bought and ate a magic taco. The taco gave her magic abilities and she returned to school. She walked into my class where I asked her where she had been. Rather than answering like a polite child, she picked me up and threw me to the floor where I died. The class decided to have a party. They were thinking Arby's and they went.

And all of that was controlled. Fun, a little unconventional at school, but I had the story.

Then the principal walked into Arby's because it was her lunch break. She saw my students and--

And that's where I lost all control. Because, as in many schools, the principal is not the students' favorite person. There were many suggestions - all of which were chaotic, unprincipaled (heh), etc. And then there was the peacemaker with the perfect solution.

The students invited the principal to join the party. She accepted and they all danced the Macarena in the middle of Arby's.

Story ended.

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