Sep 17, 2008

Elephants, donkeys and moose

My students are very aware of the political process, and I have several students who wear shirts DAILY supporting their favorite presidential candidate. Without going into politics I wanted to honor these kids. I also wanted to get some more reps in with se llamaba (was named), fue (went) and había (there was)

I wrote a story about a student who wanted cats (blue walruses in one class). The student went to Washington DC to the white house. A man named George opened the door. The student asked George for cats. George said to him, " I don't have cats. I have elephants. I have lots of elephants." There were no cats in the white house. There were only elephants. There were no cats in Washington.

The student went to Illinois and talked to a man. The man was named Barack. The student asked Barack for cats. Barack said, " I don't have cats. I have donkeys. I have a lot of donkeys." There were no cats in Illinois. There were lots of donkeys in Illinois. Poor student. The student wanted to cry.

The student went to Alaska. The student talked to a woman. The woman's name was Sarah. The student asked Sarah for cats. Sarah said, "I don't have cats. I have moose. I have lots of moose." Poor student. There were lots of moose in Alaska, but there were no cats.

The student went to our school. There were cats on the roof of our school. The student was happy.

My kids loved it. They all wanted to be actors, and they laughed at the elephant and donkey joke.

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