Mar 5, 2010

In Which I Rant

I have a student. Actually, I have many, but that isn't the point. I have a student who is a really nice kid. He isn't going to be awarded any prizes for great intellectual prowess any time soon, but he is a really great kid. He is nice. He is fun. I'm sure the girls think he's cute. And I've never had a single problem with him. But his dad is a bully. And despite academics not being his son's strongest suit, the dad wants the kid to go to Harvard.

The kid has an IEP. Not a problem. I meet all of his accommodations except one in my normal instructional delivery. He's bringing home A's and B's in Spanish. But, now, Dad tells me I've done too good of a job accommodating his child, because he was unprepared for the rigors of a standardized test. He got a C. The average score was a C, just a few percentage points above the kid. 

Is this a darned if you do, darned if you don't scenario or what? Dad tells me at the beginning of the year, the parents are very concerned that he keep up his gpa so he can get in a good school. The kid has a good gpa, at least in my class, his exam score doesn't even change his grade because that was solid, he is speaking Spanish, and now... now I'm told I need to stop accommodating him so he can do well on standardized tests???? Never mind the part where average kids who don't have IEPs are scoring in the same range as this kid?


End of rant

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  1. "So, do you think failing him will make him smarter?" *snort* Average kid. Average score. No surprise there!


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