Feb 18, 2010

The conversation in the hall

I was going through last semester's paperwork this morning. I was sorting through the student interest surveys recycling the ones belonging to those who are no longer my students, refiling the ones who are in this semester's classes. I ran across the survey belonging to the girl who I overheard being berated in the hall the other day.

And what did I see? Her favorite musical group is The Beatles. What is significant about that? Well, the teacher who was telling her how worthless she is, etc... her favorite group is also the Beatles.

So, when I saw her this morning, I mentioned this fact to her. It was completely non-confrontational. We were just talking about music. I didn't say anything about classroom management or discipline. Just, "Do you remember the girl you were talking to in the hall the other day? Well, I just came across some of her old papers, and her favorite group is the Beatles." She smiled, and said she would mention this to the girl. And since we were having such a lighthearted conversation, I slipped in a thought that I think this child has some big things on her plate beyond school. She agreed with me.

I don't know that anything will change. But, on the other hand, maybe I helped her see a part of this girl she may not have seen on her own. Other than that? I smile when I see this girl in the halls, I say hello to her.

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