Feb 10, 2010

Backwards Design

I am thinking...

This whole year I have felt so hampered by the requirements of my pacing guide. What if I use Backwards Designing to plan out a TPRS curriculum? I can use the exam dates as my points in time from which to work, figure out what material is actually expected to be learned by then, and build those structures into my stories.

With that and the slowing way down... I should be able to cover the same material in a similar time frame. I can place my stories in the countries that we are supposed to be studying. Make sure my structures use the grammatical points I am supposed to be teaching...

The only problem is the ridiculous vocabulary we are expected to teach. Yes, there is an insane amount of vocabulary to cover, but it's not even practical vocab most of the time. Heck, I don't even know some of the words.

School is closed until at least Tuesday because of the blizzards (another one being forecast for Monday) so maybe I have time to work on a plan here.

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