Aug 23, 2009

textbook vocabulary

I'm wondering exactly who it was that decided what was "essential" vocabulary for a Spanish I student to be exposed to. Amazingly, this list is almost identical from book to book and publisher to publisher.

I created a spreadsheet with the top 100 words in Spanish, a list of good TPR words, and the vocabulary from various textbooks I have used. Now I am adding the words from my new textbook, and there are very few words that I have to add to the list, mostly I am just noting where in this book they are found.

And who figured out it is vital to teach the word autito chocador???? (bumper car)

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  1. Any chance you'd be willing to share that list? Since I don't have a textbook, I create my own curriculum. I have experimented with some TPRS and have liked it, but always have a hard time coming up with the next set of words... and when I do, they're very odd and probably not very useful combinations! I could use some experienced "mentoring"!


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