Jan 31, 2009

It's ok if you make a mistake

and write in Spanish.


Yes, I actually had to say that to my Spanish students. So many of them were erasing entire sentences because they had accidentally written in Spanish for a rare English assignment. I had them create a Venn diagram comparing three homes: theirs, and two from a book we just read. Because I wanted them to make the cultural connections I asked them to write in English. And, as they were writing many of them realized that they had accidentally written in Spanish instead.

I am so upset. Really. How dare they acquire what I am trying to teach them?

On a similar note, we were reading from the class novel and I was having students translate the paragraphs out loud. At least one student in each class "translated" a word right back into Spanish.

Again. I am so upset. Can't you tell? Livid.


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