Dec 6, 2008

Color me green

Years ago we did a personality color test at a Team Building. There are four colors/categories:
Blue - empathetic
Yellow - organized, linear thinking
Red - improvised, fun loving
Green - researching

Now there is more to it than that. And the idea is to see that each person has levels of each within themselves, that we balance ourselves out but also that we each bring diverse skills to a group.

A group that is composed of all blues will spend a lot of time thinking about what they are saying to avoid hurting each other's feelings.

Yelllows will accomplish a lot, but they won't stop. They also might find themselves arguing a lot as different people all try to be the leader.

If a group is composed of nothing but red they will have a lot of fun, but not actually accomplish much.

Now, the greens will spend so much time researching and reading about the problem they will learn tons, but they won't ever get around to solving the problem - writing the paper, etc.

Now when I took that quiz I came up mostly blue/yellow.

Well, color me green these days. My references pages are longer than my actual papers. I have a paper due tomorrow and I am still searching out more references rather than just sitting down and writing. That's it. I'm cutting myself off. In half an hour.


  1. I think I took this test once too. Our school was all blue, with the exception of the Principal. We were apparently the warmest, fuzziest, school ever.

    Good luck with your green paper!

  2. I like these tests because they show how we have to operate differently with people who's styles are not our own. Or, we can spend the rest of our life asking, "What's wrong with her?"
    Coming: TOO RICH and TOO THIN, Not an autobiography.


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