Nov 28, 2008

Native Speaker update

My native speaker has been doing her self-study for one week now. So far all is going well. She seems to be much happier now that she can work at her own pace and not be caught up in the class, and it has helped my management of the class she was in. The other students are no longer comparing themselves to her either consciously or sub-consciously. And her negative attitude is not spilling over onto the other students.

A few students have asked why she is no longer in the classroom with us, and I have just explained that having her in the room with us and doing the work we are doing is similar to having one of them sit in on a first grade classroom and being asked to do that work. No complaints when it is explained like that.

I made a weekly worksheet to keep her accountable. On Mondays she is to predict her work for the week. Each week she is to work on her reading, writing, and grammar and she can spread that work over the week as she sees fit. She reads books at her grade level, then summarizes each chapter in basic Spanish that would be accessible to her peers. She also has a native speaker grammar workbook that she works in. She turns in her work and worksheet to me at the end of every week.

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