Nov 14, 2008

my native speaker

I spoke with my student, her mother, and my administration. We are all set to begin a self-study course for native speakers next week with the beginning of trimester 2. Woohoo!

My goals are:
Reading Comprehension - she will need to be reading grade level novels.

Writing - I want her to summarize what she reads in simplified Spanish so that a. I can verify her reading comprehension, b. we can work on her accuracy in spelling and grammar, c. we can work on circumlocution skills, and d. these texts can become more accessible to my other students

Grammar - She has a Spanish for Native Speakers workbook that she will continue to work out of.

I have a few concerns though:

Accountability - How will I ensure that she is making productive use of her time and progressing through the material? I'm thinking I can make a log of activities to be done and have her mark how she used her time each hour.

Engagement - All the work I have at this point is rather dry. I would like to find something interactive that she can do regularly. This is a very social girl and I am isolating her physically and emotionally here.

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