Oct 30, 2008

Preferred Activity Time (PAT)

PAT is an activity students earn through active engagement and participation during the week. These activities are perceived as more fun, although they are often activities the teacher wanted to do anyway. :)

I need to create a file of activities the students can choose from. But today I "let" two of my classes do a TPR activity we did fairly often last year - I gave students one minute to write 5 commands on a sheet of scrap paper. Then I called on two students at a time, one to read and one to act. It's great. The students end up eating their shoes, sitting on the ceiling, and shouting, "I love purple toast!" They get up and move around, and they laugh at each other in a non-threatening way. Hey, it's hard not to laugh when somebody draws a banana on the board and then tries to eat it!

Another good one so far has been Hangman. Oh and Pictionary. But Simón Dice (Simon Says) just isn't working for me - I can't think of commands fast enough to stump them.

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