Oct 16, 2008

a child shall lead them

I have been trying to fall in love with Spanish all over again, or rather trying to let the students see how much I love it. And it is hard. I don't want to be that open to the students, or their families. I don't want to be that vulnerable. I've been reading Narnia en español during FVR time, and that has helped - it has given me time to be encompassed by Spanish even if it is only for five minutes at a time.

Today I fell head over heels in love again in front of my students. It wasn't about Spanish though. I fell in love with Chinese. And it was a 7th grade student who shared it with me. She has decided that she will teach me Chinese in exchange for the Spanish, and I have encouraged it. I have always wanted to speak Chinese, and I love that I can share not just Spanish but that huge C - Connections. I never became a Spanish teacher because I love Spanish so much. I became a Spanish teacher because I love languages so much, and I happen to be able to speak Spanish really well.

I had a conversation with two students today - in Chinese! Obviously I spoke with the student who is teaching me. But then I was muttering under my breath that I have a little brother as another student walked in to class. She said, "Oh you have a brother," and sat down. So, I told her that I also have a little sister. Then I asked how she was. "Hao." (Good.) Then she asked me how I was and I said very well. LOL

The simple pleasures. I felt like I was on cloud nine for the rest of the day! And it was easy to fall in love in front of the kids.

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