Aug 8, 2008

The pure joy of reading

Well, it finally happened. I got so lost in a book that I stopped noticing what I was reading, I was caught up in all the finer points of the plot and was sad when the book finally ended.

I've been reading in Spanish for decades now, and I've read some of the most celebrated books there are: Don Quixote, Cien años de soledad, etc. But, I can't remember ever getting so caught up in a book (in Spanish that is) that I forgot I was reading and just lived in the book.


The book, by the way, was Harry Potter y el cáliz del fuego.

When I began reading through my classroom library over the summer I thought perhaps I was being a tad bit nerdish. "Normal people," I told myself, don't spend their vacation reading in foreign languages. But, I have found a lot of enjoyment in these books. I also learned a lot of Spanish: roble means oak and sauce means willow. Who knew? And I have a new perspective on Free Voluntary Reading. I can't wait until my classes start reading so I can begin a new book.

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