Aug 29, 2008

more circling

We were doing the circling with balls activity in class today. I decided to take the students outside because it was such a nice day out. The activity quickly evolved. We had three balls flying around in a large circle. We began with saying "me gusta/no me gusta ______" (I like/don't like____" with the sport that belonged to the ball. After ten minutes students had that down pretty well and were getting bored, so we changed. Before throwing/kicking/passing their ball they had to say "A _____ (student's name) le gusta _______" saying that (student) likes ____, using what we have learned about that student in class. So student x was throwing a basketball and saying that student y liked to ski. We did that with three balls simultaneously for about ten minutes as well. After that we changed to stating what students did *not* like to do.

It was great. The kids had fun. They liked the extra challenge of remembering the sport they had, what their classmates liked and what they did not like. And I think I actually saw them believing for two minutes that I care about them as individuals!

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