Jul 13, 2008

teaching songs

I made it back from vacation, and have opened up my book TPRS In a Year. First off, what a difference a conference makes in my outlook! I remember feeling frustrated with the whole concept of circling and PQA before, but after attending the workshop last month everything makes so much more sense!

But, the point I wanted to write about was the concept of teaching songs via circling. What a cool concept. I've always struggled with teaching songs because I feel like they are so gimmicky, and kids hate reading the lyrics, they just want to listen to the song! (and understand it)

So, by treating a song like a story, and circling all the major structures prior to turning the stereo on or even telling them its a song, then by the time I do turn the music on, everything is familiar enough.

I loved Ben's idea of teaching the song between Marius and Cosette, I just wish I taught French! LOL I guess I have to start listening to more Spanish music again.

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