May 5, 2008

one of the greatest inventions ever

I couldn't figure out how to keep my little color coded garage sale stickers on the spines of my books, but I took a hint from the school library. There are clear stickers that are designed specifically to hold the bar codes and other library stickers onto the books. I begged a roll from my friend, and my stickers have stayed ever since.

Now if only I could figure out a way to neatly redact the English out of all those really great, but bilingual books!


  1. That's a good hint about the library stickers.

    What kind of bilingual books are you talking about? I have a couple that have Eng on the top of the page and Span on the bottom. I think they work great for FVR. My students think they are cheating, but they work really hard to read the Spanish, going back and forth comparing the two languages. Sometimes kids who will barely glance at a too simple for them Spanish only book, will really latch onto one that has the English to fall back on.

  2. I was talking about books in English on one part of the page and Spanish on another part. At first I felt like what you were suggesting, that this would increase CI, but now I'm wondering if students aren't skipping the Spanish entirely and just reading the English.


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